For years there have been stories emanating from the Emirate that hair loss was being experienced by a disproportionately high number of men and women. Any number of theories have been offered as to the cause though significant progress toward understanding has been blocked by authorities understandably reluctant to investigate. Understandable given the scale of investment into the region by those same authorities… naturally the causes suggested are those which identify living in Dubai as significantly different to living elsewhere, the reliance on desalinated water for example. The Survey survey Conducted by the highly reputable market researchers, YouGov, and paid for by those nice people at Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo the survey received responses from a statistically significant 1136 contributors. Questions covered the state of their hair but also enquired as to their thoughts on why hair loss might be a local issue. Key Findings results2 What they discovered was that two out of three men in the region are suffering from hair loss, including nearly every other man under 30. In addition, 56% of those men described themselves as negatively impacted. When asked what they thought was responsible for the localized spike in the condition the most popular answers by far were stress (82%), lack of vitamins (82%) and low water quality (79%). Maybe most surprising of all were the answers around how these men felt about their hair loss. Over one in three experienced depression and anxiety. Hair loss ranked in the top two of physical concerns, higher even than erectile dysfunction. Reality Check real The survey is, without question, a fascinating snapshot of the existing condition of men’s hair health in Dubai – and there is clearly a problem. However, at a recent conference of hair experts meeting to discuss the hair loss issue in the UAE it was declared that the number one cause remained testosterone sensitivity among the genetically predisposed, any other factors could only be secondary. No Shortage Of Answers smp2 The good news for Emiratis and their countless guests is the presence of many of the premium Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) providers. As the perfect solution to hair loss in a hot climate an SMP returns you to the appearance of a full head of hair without making any restrictions on your lifestyle… and in a City where you might want to go water skiing in the morning and snow skiing in the afternoon that can only be a bonus.



By IanW


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