laser hair reviewsIf you are losing your hair, it is natural to become preoccupied with the process. Many people in this situation describe daily sessions spent in front of the mirror questioning if more scalp is visible than yesterday, and how they would pass hours experimenting with ways to disguise it. Some become resigned to their hair loss, but an ever-growing number of people are choosing to tackle it, eager if not to reverse it, at least to stop it thinning any more. The field of laser hair therapy is growing in popularity and has delivered some convincing results and a quick search on the Internet will produce many rapturous reviews, yet there remain a limited number of laser products that have received FDA approval.

What should I bear in mind when considering laser hair therapy?

Laser hair therapy requires a degree of financial commitment so, if you are considering taking this route, it will be worthwhile doing some research and asking questions of any clinic whose services you may use. Laser hair therapy before and after photos can be very persuasive – but are they too good to be true? It has been known for patients to be photographed with damp hair before the treatment, and with washed and dried – and therefore ‘fluffier’ – hair afterwards; while there may have been improvements in regrowth, the aesthetic results will have been augmented by such an approach. By asking questions you should be able to get a clearer idea of what regrowth to expect.

What are the side effects of laser hair therapy?

Laser hair therapy is a safe procedure with no documented side effects. It utilises low level light therapy with lasers on the red light spectrum and is also known as ‘cold laser therapy’ as it does not have the thermal component typical to lasers. You will not feel a heat sensation during treatment and the entire process is a painless one that requires no downtime.



By Ian Watson


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