We know that hair loss and the prospect of baldness is on of the big topics of conversation amongst men. Thinning hair can be the worst-kept secret, often hidden under hats or bolstered with products, with the ‘sufferer’ confronting the reality every morning with a thousand little disappointments. To some it becomes an obsession and they spend thousands on products or medical treatments or even surgery to put a halt to something that can never be halted. Yet a quarter of all men will be affected by the time they reach thirty and 60 per cent by the time they reach their sixties so why is it something that causes so much grief? Shaving your head, particularly if you’re contemplating a SMP procedure which looks best when the client has a closely-shaven scalp, could be the answer. We talked to the various contributors to this site who have taken the plunge and this is what they said: In the end nobody was really bothered. nobody cares Ant says, “I was always worried what people would think, but it seemed that I was building up the issue in my head.” He went on to explain that when he decided to clipper off his entire hair one weekend he was really nervous about meeting up with the guys in the pub that same evening. “One of my oldest friends just said it looks cool and that was it, nobody really talked about it.” Because losing your hair happens over an extended period of time we build up taking the shaving plunge to be a much bigger issue that it actually is. Respect from the hair loss brigade. nuff respect When we say nobody cares this isn’t strictly true. The people who will notice you will be the guys who are dealing with their own hair issue. Jonathan from Birmingham said, “When I shaved my hair off I was amazed at how many of my friends said they were thinking of doing the same thing. Blokes tend not to talk about intimate stuff like hair loss and it was refreshing to know that I wasn’t the only one going through this. I didn’t regret it for a second.” We already know that 30 per cent of your peers will be going through exactly the same thing. They’ll be impressed you had the guts to make that brave step. You will be more confident. self confident Chris found that shaving his head made him up his fashion game. “I found that shaving my hair made my face seem puffier so I started to go to the gym and lose weight. I found myself dressing sharper and wearing more elegant, darker clothing and taking far more care over how I looked.” He adds: “I actually felt better and more confident.” Making such a radical change to your appearance can have positive benefits.  You create time. time Time spent worrying about hair loss is wasted time. Time spent applying product, time spent trying remedies and even time spent seeing specialists is now time you can reclaim. Liberating yourself from fear and insecurity has a positive influence on your life. Richard says, “it sounds funny but after shaving my hair it gave me such a lift that I got a motorbike and have started touring with my mates. I’m not saying it was directly responsible for my new hobby, but it was such a breath of fresh air that it led me to try new things.” You get richer. cash3 Lotions and potions, visits to practitioners and hat collections all cost money. When you shave your head your only outlay is a razor and some foam (although don’t skimp on this). Here’s the last word from Andy: “I was spending a fortune on special formulas to keep my hair and I even tried pills at one point. I’m saving a fortune. Although, now I do spend good money on moisturiser and sun cream!”



By Ian Watson


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