Hair loss can become an obsession. Even though half of the seven billion humans on this planet will have to deal with it at some point in their life the problem itself is unique to you. So, you have looked at the options. Endlessly researched the solutions. You know the pros and cons, you know about plugs, about transplants, about the lotions and shampoos and, in your heart of hearts, you know that each of them are just expensive ways to kick the issue down the road. You’re tired of worrying about it now and don’t want to waste any more of your life thinking about your hair. Your research has led you to the solution that best suits you: a cosmetic hair loss solution that’s going to deal with this problem once and for all: scalp micropigmentation, also known as SMP. However, of all the questions that you have asked yourself, there is one that really is nub of the issue. Can scalp micropigmentation ever look real? The answer is an unequivocal yes. Experience and expertise combined skills Firstly, to authentically replicate the look of a real close-cropped head of hair is very much dependent on the experience and expertise of your practitioners. At HisHair Clinic we use specialist pigments and take time to match the correct shades of pigment to your skin and own hair colour. No natural hair follows a uniform pattern of spacing, depth, direction and density. The specially designed pigment delivery system has a number of needles of varying size; this allows your practitioner to vary the effect to match your existing hair. Your hairline at the front of the scalp and temples is tailor-made for you; it can be soft and broken for the natural look or sharp and defined for a cutting-edge style. Whatever your style, each treatment is bespoke to each client and undertaken in a way that means even up close it is impossible to tell if you have had SMP. We have undertaken thousands of procedures over the past decade and in that time they have dealt with every type of complexion and hair colour giving us an unrivalled depth of experience in the field of SMP. SMP also covers the entire scalp so even as your shaved hair continues to recede the look will still remain natural in years to come. You may require a ‘top up’ every few years to reinforce the colour but once you are familiar with the procedure you know it’s a short, relatively pain-free endeavour. Protecting your skin from the elements and living a healthy lifestyle also prolong the life of the pigment. Although the photographs of happy clients are testament enough we recommend paying a visit to one of our centres and meeting a client or one of our team in person so you can see the results for yourself. To book your free consultation at HisHair Clinic, call and speak to one of our team today.



By IanW


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