Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP)

Ian Watson and Ranbir Rai-Watson opened the doors to the world’s first SMP clinic back in 2005. By then they had already spent three years experimenting with equipment and techniques to achieve a deep understanding of the procedure they were inventing. Since then, thousands of people have had their lives transformed through the procedure. Through continuous investment in R&D the procedure has evolved to the point where today an unprecedented level of quality is achieved, every time. We can do this because of that depth of experience, over the years our practitioners have seen it all. Whether they are dealing with complex skin conditions or camouflaging challenging scars there is no question of one of our practitioners venturing into the unknown. The key piece of understanding for our team is that every scalp is different, requiring a considered and deliberate approach. The path to the perfect SMP may have the occasional bump, a small minority might experience some fading (maybe due to a vigorous immune system for example). An even smaller group might fade far less than anticipated. You can be certain that our practitioners are well versed in recognizing the signifiers that direct them toward the correct course for you. The procedure is carried out using bespoke needles just 1mm wide, designed to deliver the perfect amount of pigment at just the right level, immediately below the outer layer of skin. Pigments used are completely safe and contain no metals. In fact, the pigments cannot break down like regular tattooists ink. This means you can be completely confident that the treatment will never spread or smear. Scalp MicroPigmentation, as evidenced by the plethora of competitive clinics suddenly springing up everywhere, is now an established option for hair loss sufferers whether they are men and women. Take the opportunity to talk to the most experienced SMP Clinic in the world, find your nearest clinic by clicking here.

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