anton strictly hairPopular Strictly Come Dancing star, Anton Du Beke, is the latest celebrity to open up about undergoing a hair transplant. He revealed the results of the £10,000 surgical treatment and reveals it was the best thing he’s ever done. He claims he now feels 25 again and has regained a lot of confidence he lost when his hair started to thin.

The star hated having his picture taken prior to surgery

Before undergoing the hair transplant procedure, Anton states he hated having his photo taken. The 51-year old could clearly see his thinning locks and it made him feel extremely self-conscious. He even admits to attempting to cover up the problem with make-up early on and also avoided standing directly under certain lighting – something his job on Strictly made it practically impossible to do. Now, after seeing the results of the transplant, Anton is very happy with his new look and it appears to have given him a new lease of life.

Was a hair transplant Anton’s only option?

Anton certainly isn’t the first male star to undergo a hair transplant and he’s unlikely to be the last. But was it his only option? From photos taken before the transplant, you can just about see the thinness showing through. However, for the most part he had a full head of hair. This means he could have actually used a procedure such as SMP to cover up the thinning. SMP is cheaper than a hair transplant and it inserts little pigments of ink into the scalp. It produces very natural results and can be used to either give the hair a thicker appearance, or it can be used to create a light shaven look for those suffering from total baldness. Hair transplants can be beneficial, provided there are enough donor hairs available. However, it isn’t the only treatment available for hair loss so it is worth exploring your options before deciding whether a hair transplant is right for you.



By Ian Watson


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