Are Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments On The Rise?

Hair loss is everywhere. 40% of men under the age of 35 suffer from some form of noticeable male pattern baldness also known as Alopecia Areata – an auto-immune disease that tricks your system into damaging your healthy cells. Whilst male pattern baldness is currently an almost unavoidable issue – in one in every five […]

Could Hair Loss be Solved in the Future?

Androgenetic alopecia is not at all uncommon: with an estimated 50 per cent of men over 50 years old suffering from this type of hair loss, we stand a good chance of losing our hair. But is this a fate we simply have to accept? As we look into the future, can we hope that […]

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Given the sheer number of hair loss solutions available, it is not suprising that so many men have no idea what is the best hair loss treatment available to suit their particular circumstances. In reality, the ‘best hair loss treatment’ depends entirely on the individual, their lifestyle, their tolerances, the extent of their hair loss, […]

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BBC news is reporting on the progress of a new breakthrough for combating hair loss and it involves growing cells in a lab! Small amounts of existing hair cells on the scalp are taken and are then multiplied in the laboratory; they are then injected into the bald areas on the scalp. The process is […]

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In contrast to hair cloning, where germinative cells are multiplied outside the body, hair multiplication involves donor hair being implanted directly into the scalp in the hope that they will regenerate. It is important to recognise that hair cloning and hair multiplication are not the same, as the two techniques are often confused. The Model […]

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