Open Day at HIS Hair’s London Harley Street Clinic

On Saturday 25th July 2015, HIS Hair are hosting an open day, at their London Clinic, 100 Harley Street to showcase their ground-breaking SMP® Scalp Micro-Pigmentation procedure. SMP®, short for Scalp Micro-Pigmentation, is a specialist scalp pigmentation treatment that creates a natural looking simulation of micro hairs on the scalp; creating the appearance of a short cropped hair style. SMP® scalp pigmentation procedure, not only […]

Does SMP Fade?

Whether scalp micropigmentation, known as SMP, fades, is another commonly asked question in consultations at our His Hair Clinics. And the simple answer is yes. The human body is in a constant state of renewal and external forces like UV from the sun, heat skin damage from the environment are all factors in causing fading […]

Hair Loss Enquiries on the Increase

Wayne Rooney. Robbie Williams. Callum Best. Countless celebrities are coming out of the hair transplant closet. As we move mid-way into 2015, it seems everyone else is too. Private healthcare search engine, revealed that Hair Loss clinics in the UK have experienced an 165% surge in enquiries with one in ten of these being […]

A Non-Surgical Solution to Hair Loss?

Surgical hair transplants have been performed for many decades and techniques are continually being refined and improved. However, there are still many reasons why people choose not to have hair transplant surgery – results are not guaranteed, cost is a major factor and there are always concerns before embarking on surgery particularly the worry about […]

In New York? Would You Like SMP With That?

Seems like 5 minutes ago Ian and Ranbir, His Hair Clinic founders and inventors of Scalp Micropigmentation, were in New York trying to find the right location to launch their successful business. In fact it was over four years ago now and since then His Hair Clinic have gone from strength to strength. New York […]

Historical Hair Loss Remedies

Through the ages, much time and effort has been expended in the search of a hair loss remedy or, failing that, an effective, natural-looking way to disguise balding. Here’s the history of hair loss cures.   Ancient Egypt Wigs and even fake beards were incredibly popular in Egyptian times as a full head of hair […]

Toronto’s CTV News Visits our Canadian Clinic

Grandma used to say, mainly when there was no mail for her that day, that “no news is good news.” Long before Grandma, the French had a saying: Succès de scandale — which translates to “success by scandal.” In today’s era of modern media, thanks in part to the blurred lines between business and entertainment, […]

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