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Vitamins offer many health benefits, with some better known than others. Over time, through channels such as word of mouth, news and advertising; vitamins (or sometimes the products they are found most commonly within) can become synonymous with the perceived benefits they deliver.   Fact or fiction?     Some of the more widely known […]

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The redemptive story of British MP Nadine Dorries and her return to a full head of hair after a traumatic brush with alopecia.   Nadine Dorries was well-known to British readers as an outspoken and rebellious backbench Member of Parliament on the ruling Conservative side. Her views on a range of topics had meant she […]

HIS Hair Clinic

Argan Oil has been the subject of a lot of study over the last decade. It has a great deal in common with olive oil and has been credited with containing similar antioxidant properties that can protect the heart. It’s high price has seen it take its place at the gourmet end of the food […]

HIS Hair Clinic

We know that too many sweets will rot your teeth, but could sugar be the reason for your thinning hair? Could there be a connection between the amount of sugar one consumes and their hair loss? One medical professional seems to think so. European based dermatologist and medical director of Harklinikken Panos Vasiloudes is of […]

HIS Hair Clinic

A new study into the role vitamin D plays in your health and well being, has found a possible link between a deficiency in this valuable vitamin and hair loss. Losing up to 100 hairs a day is considered completely normal, but hair shedding on a much greater frequency could point to a lack of […]

Is a REAL hair loss cure likely to exist anytime soon?

Anyone suffering from hair loss will understand how difficult it can be to accept. We regularly meet clients who are suffering from an extreme lack of confidence and low self-esteem, effects that sometimes result in poor physical health, all as a direct consequence of their hair loss. It is perfectly natural therefore, for sufferers of […]

Can Viviscal actually prevent hair loss?

Viviscal Man is a nutritional supplement sold as a hair loss preventative, and as the name suggests, the product is intended for use by men only Viviscal claims to tackle thinning hair by supporting natural healthy hair growth. Viviscal Man contains a marine complex (basically fish oils) called AminoMar C™ that is said to provide […]

Can Saw Palmetto help to prevent hair loss?

Saw Palmetto (Sabal serrulata or Serenoa repens) is a herb used in some hair loss products, particularly in oral supplements, shampoos and conditioners Black berries of Saw Palmetto have been used in Europe for decades for their therapeutic properties to ease the symptoms of cell proliferation, inflammations and benign prostatic gland enlargement. However, in the […]

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