Damage from hair treatmentsHeated hair stylers can do fabulous things for your hair – but use them too much and they can end up doing more harm than good, stripping the hair of its vitality and making it brittle and lifeless. People want to be able to use a styler every day to create glossy results that last, to perk up hair that has been damaged in the past – and to be carefree in their styling. Responding to this, researchers at GHD’s Cambridge lab have developed the Platinum straightener which they are calling the ‘no compromise hair styler’ as it gives users the tools to achieve perfectly styled hair without running the risk of damaging it.

How does the technology prevent hair damage?

In an interview with Mashable.com, GHD’s Chief Technology Officer Dr Tim Moore explains that the optimal temperature for thermal styling is 185 degrees centigrade. This is above the glass transition phase – the point at which a material changes from a hard state to a malleable, and therefore style-able, one – but not so high that damage is caused by either stripping the cuticle or in fact melting the hair. The GHD research team has a reputation for being innovative, allowing them to emerge as market leaders. A key feature in their new Platinum styler is its ‘tri-zone technology’: each plate has three sensors which control the temperature, preventing any sudden drops or surges, providing consistent, safe and effective heat across the entire plate. Furthermore, they have developed an ergonomic handle that maintains perfect alignment between the plates and ensures the user does not inadvertently apply too much pressure.

What makes GHD such an innovative force?

While GHD straighteners are considerably more expensive than other hair stylers on the market, there are few who would doubt their value for money. They have understood the market and its requirements – a factor Dr Moore identifies as key to driving innovation. So too is a scientific understanding of hair and its structures – just as we’ve seen in the Platinum styler and how it maintains a constant temperature, protecting the hair at the same time as making it optimally malleable. By ‘spotting the unmet needs’, scrutinising the behaviour of hair at a cellular level, and engaging with the latest in technology advancements, GHD can – and undoubtedly will – continue to occupy a place at the forefront of the competitive hair styling industry.



By Ian Watson


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