It is almost unique among life experiences, finding out you are beginning to lose your hair. We are running an important thread on our forum inviting your contributions towards a conversation on this most personal of subjects. We want to hear from anyone with a story to tell, from the traumatic to the uplifting. The experience of first discovery

I’m sorry to have to tell you Mr President…

No matter who you are, however on top of your game, the moment you realise for the first time that you are suffering from traditional male pattern hair loss, or any of the other panoply of reasons that men and women start losing hair, is a shock. For most, it will be taken as a sign of advancing years. That is because it is commonly seen in men in their forties or fifties when it might easily be confused with a change in the pace of life. For some younger sufferers it is a far more confusing and challenging event where there is often little or no support, even from within the family whose genes bought you this fate. Unity is strength

Hold on tight! This could get rough.

So it is particularly with those young sufferers in mind, and in the firm belief that we all benefit from improving our understanding of any problem, you are invited to share your personal story of discovery. We all remember the moment we were told for the first time, or spotted it for ourselves. How did you react? What were your first thoughts? Did you ignore it, talk to someone, maybe you embarked on your own mission of research? Most importantly we want to hear what helped? What did you find out about yourself that helped you move on? Please follow this link to the forum where you will find the thread.



By Ian Watson


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