It’s no secret that women value their hair. Long or short, and everything in between, a full head of hair plays a role to an extent in their identity and their femininity. Same goes for men. A recent European study found that 62% of men said that losing their hair would be a devastating blow to their self-esteem. That number may seem high, given how common hair loss happens in men. Permanent hair loss will affect 70% of men, but only 40% of women. While we recognize that hair loss can devastate men and women equally, what we’re asking is what’s with the ‘discrimination’, Mother Nature??   Not All Hair Loss is Created Equal scales As stated previously, hair loss occurs in men and women alike, but the hair loss is anything but similar. According to the American Hair Loss Association, on average about two-thirds of men in their mid-30s will experience some form of hair loss. While a 85% of women will experience some form of thinning by age 50. For men, the hair loss will follow some form of a pattern, for instance the entire crown but not the sides (think Seinfeld’s George Constanza! (click here to see him). While women will experience thinning and hair loss across the scalp but in most cases won’t go complete bald like the average male would. Thanks for Nothing Mom and Dad jimkqq63 According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), androgenetic alopecia is speculated to be a genetic issue and inherited. While there are exterior factors outside of the family that can cause and contribute to hair loss, it’s believe that the AR gene increases one’s hair follicles’ activity of androgen receptors, which increases the receptors sensitivity and reaction to dihydrotesterone (DHT), a testosterone byproduct responsible for hair loss. Men have more testosterone pumping through their bodies than women, so it’s only natural that it would be more likely that this would be more prevalent in men. Hair Loss When You Least Expect It shaving boy Puberty: that wonderful time in a young person’s life where the body is changing and the hormones are raging. For men, hair begins to show up in places that…well, where it wasn’t there before. While different parts the body are getting furrier, this actually is when androgenetic alopecia can begin! This is the time when the testosterone begins to develop and in some cases actually start to set up hair loss for later. Women don’t typically experience this because instead of testosterone playing a key role in their physical development they have an estrogen called estradiol. So there you have it. In a nutshell. What makes us men more prone to hair loss is the very thing that makes us men in the first place. You might say it is a mark of your manhood. But if you would prefer to show the world the appearance of a full head of hair, while knowing on the inside you are a fully paid up member of your gender, then the team at HIS Hair Clinic stand ready to take you through your options.



By Ian Watson


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