laser treatment for hair lossHair loss, like many modern-day challenges, is a problem that it not going away. Far from being an isolated issue, it can affect men and women and – depending on the cause – can strike at any age. The cause of hair loss can vary from simple things like not getting the correct vitamins and minerals in your diet, to more complex issues such as hormonal imbalances and genetic predispositions. There are many treatments available, yet few are truly effective unless you are prepared to go down the route of surgery. As such, the scientific hair loss community are working hair to keep exploring, testing and investigating other solutions to this widespread issue.

A new, innovative solution?

One initiative that is being tested at the moment is the effect of low-intensity lasers on dormant or dying hair follicles, to try and coax them back to life. Treatments have been trialled and benefits are debated, with the medical community still unconvinced of the true benefit that laser treatments can offer to hair loss sufferers. Its particularly interesting as lasers have previously been widely used in hair removal treatments, but some scientists now argue that adjusting the strength and duration of the lasers’ impact on the follicles can offer very different benefits.

Wearable technology

Innovations such as the FDA approved ‘LaserCap’ suggest that benefits to hair loss suffers from laser treatments are indeed possible. The LaserCap is an example of a new piece of wearable technology: a soft, malleable cap, which contains over two hundred laser diodes. The lasers woven into this cap send out low level energy which is designed to stimulate hair follicles. The promise is that technology such as this can help encourage hair re-growth, and could be a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to addressing hair loss.

Watch this space

This type of innovation is new, yet reports suggest that preliminary results are promising. Keep an eye for developments in the coming months and years, because if lasers really can target inactive/dormant follicles, then this kind of treatment could offer a very appealing and simple alternative to going under the knife.



By Ian Watson


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