Hair loss particularly for young men, some can still be boys, is a potentially  life changing experience that can leave the sufferer damaged beyond repair, almost. It can affect a quarter of all men by the age of 30 and it’s effect on the personality and lifestyle of the sufferer deserves to be better understood. While some men will make the transition look easy there is undoubtedly a sense of dread that comes over anyone when they see the first signs of their hairline retreating… by far the most common cause for which is androgenetic alopecia, better known as male pattern balding. Everyone will be familiar with the process that sees the hairline initially receded at the temples and crown. It is if nothing else, unpredictable, when it comes to pace of progress and having receded slightly it may stop for many years before there is any further deterioration. Equally, some may hurtle along the Norwood Scale (see the chart below) and move in an alarmingly short time to the classic horseshoe ring of hair around the base of the skull. norwood3  
The degree to which our hair defines us prior to MPB is incredibly underestimated and not least by those who suddenly discover it is their own hair that is suddenly receding. The shock, and it can come as a terrible shock, may provoke a range of reactions from buying hats (and then wearing them everywhere you go) to simply not going out of the front door. Proven to be Painful Image result for painful Studies have shown losing our hair to be associated with feelings of disfigurement as well as depressive and anxiety disorders including social avoidance. It can lead to exaggerated feelings of ugliness and, in the worst cases, trigger body dysmorphic disorder, where sufferers experience acute anxiety about their looks. Of course it does not affect everyone in the same way, many will experience hair loss without any concern – indeed some will wear it as a badge of honour, a style that they feel reflects them and their personality to perfection. But for those who do suffer the effects it can be a profoundly negative life-changing experience. Their initial research into possible remedies is likely to give them more cause for concern as they come to terms with the fact that almost any solution they can choose to address the problem requires long term commitments to a regime of pill-taking, or cream applying, or hair system maintenance… It follows that they will need to identify the correct solution for their lifestyle and aspirations. Reasons to be Cheerful Image result for reasons to be cheerful The fact is that today there are more options than ever before, from FDA approved medicines proven to halt or even reverse hair loss, to Scalp Micropigmentation – a procedure which sees follicles replicated with a micro-needle to simulate a full head of buzz cut hair.  



By Ian Watson


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