bald egg headAnyone who’s losing their hair knows that it’s no laughing matter.  Our hairstyle is something we grow up with and it becomes an intrinsic part of identity so when it disappears the results can be psychologically damaging.  The sad fact is that people who aren’t struggling with the condition often fail to empathise and find the affliction amusing.

Expressing solidarity with bald men

The film maker, Pawan Kumar (with a healthy head of hair himself) is seeking to redress the balance with a small installation made up of selfies, taken in a mall by random people with hair wearing a cardboard cut-out of an egg head.  Whilst the work is, at least in part promoting his new movie Pawan also claims he’s showing solidarity with bald men.  In his words, “During the process I figured out that bald men are made to feel very inferior by the general public and people with a good head of hair like us don’t realise this and find their state humorous. But I see that it can be devastating for a person,”.   His aim is to give people who don’t have a balding problem some insight into the condition and how it feels.

Why not try SMP if you’ve got a hair loss problem?

If you’re already losing your hair, you don’t need his installation to tell you what it feels like, but why not take inspiration from this and shave it all off, then get Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) to hide the balding areas?  The treatment is becoming increasingly popular as it’s relatively inexpensive, low maintenance and looks just like real hair, albeit closely cropped.  Most importantly the men who’d adopted the SMP look report significant boosts in confidence levels and often describe the results as life changing. If you want to find out more about SMP then why not contact us at His Hair Clinic on +44(0)845 359 2924 



By Ian Watson


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