Grandma used to say, mainly when there was no mail for her that day, that “no news is good news.” Long before Grandma, the French had a saying: Succès de scandale which translates to “success by scandal.” In today’s era of modern media, thanks in part to the blurred lines between business and entertainment, we have the modified saying that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Pat Pops in pat foran So we didn’t think it would be a bad thing to open up HIS Toronto to Pat Foran of CTV, Toronto’s local news leader. While there certainly isn’t anything scandalous about SMP, many can find the concept of scalp pigmentation as a hair loss alternative to be difficult to wrap one’s head around. Furan, CTV’s consumer reports specialist, stopped by the Toronto Street office in the heart of downtown to sit down with company founder Ian Watson for a chat about all things SMP. In this short news segment and article, Ian opens up about his own hair loss and experience as HIS Hair’s first ever client, the range of options for clients exploring treatment plans, and the SMP treatment itself. I think grandma would say good news coverage coupled with solid local publicity is a win/win. To read the article and watch the video, click here For more information about HIS Toronto and what SMP can do for you, or to set up an appointment for a free consultation to learn more, simply contact us: Tel: +1-855-681-6019 Email:    



By Ian Watson


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