Jared Leto is credited with starting the latest craze for this style… by turning up at the 2014 Golden Globes with his long hair tucked neatly into a bun behind his head, all held in place with a band. For most right minded men that should be the show stopper, given that any hair style which requires pins, clips or slides to hold it in place must be a complete non-starter. The upshot of this misguided fashion statement, has been a steady stream of men heading to see trichologists to find out why they are losing their hair. What is Traction Alopecia traction Traction Alopecia is seen when hair is pulled into a style, usually by women it has to be said, that produces tension at the root. It is not difficult to imagine that with your hair pulled up tight onto the top of your head and tied in a knot, a strain is put on all the hair – That strain is most keenly felt at the hairline, consequently this is where Traction Alopecia tends to present. The issue is made worse by the fact that the man bun is positioned at the back of the head, which differentiates it from the equally hateful top-knot. So you have a style where long hair (and it is very much a style for long hair) is pulled right over the top of the head from the frontal hairline and then further tightened into a knot. What could possibly go wrong!? Well, according to Dr Sabra Sullivan, a leading US dermatologist talking to the Daily Telegraph, it has resulted in her seeing a couple of patients every week reporting hair loss that she can directly attribute to the wearing of a man bun. Celebs To Keep An Eye On Here are just a handful of the celebrities seen stepping out wearing the man bun. It would be a sad state of affairs if this site, of all sites, were to wish hair loss on anyone… it is important not to confuse the offence taken at such a terrible fashion faux pas with anything more sinister. Just the same we do view taking such liberties with hair, by those who have it in such abundance, mildly irritating.   jake hemsworth bradley depp      



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