Not to be confused with SMP, though it does very nearly the same thing, Tricopigmentation is seeing a surge in popularity – We take a closer look.


What’s In A Name?

your name here You will see Tricopigmentation on offer from a small number of clinics who are in fact describing their version of a permanent SMP – but in general it has come to be used to describe a temporary version of the treatment that uses different pigments… everything else will be the same. The same techniques and equipment used in traditional SMP are used to deliver a pigment designed to fade away within 12 to 24 months. It’s a crucial difference in approach, one that is only ever chosen by the client who is not comfortable with the idea of a permanent treatment for one reason or another.

Who Would Want It?

SMP aftercare in the sun The reasons for choosing Tricopigmentation will be familiar enough to SMP wearers. Often they will be looking to replicate the appearance of a full head of buzz cut hair, though some will just want to add the appearance of density to a thinning crown, or to a receding hairline. The treatment is also ideal for camouflaging scars left by a transplant surgeon or from an accident. Then there are sufferers of alopecia… for whom the buzz cut appearance can free them from the stress of randomly appearing patches of hair loss. These motivations are all true of regular SMP of course, it is the temporary nature of Trichopigmentation that sets it apart. This makes it appealing to a particular set of the would-be clients who come through the door. Most fall into the category of being nervous about committing to a permanent version, they want to “test drive” living with the treatment before doing so. There are others with different motivations, someone who has been living with the restrictions of a hair system for years and who is ready to move on for example. A temporary treatment can bridge the challenging transition from having a full head of hair, probably a really good looking one, to a shaven head. It looks like you have chosen to simply shave down, there will be questions from colleagues about why you would choose to do that to such great hair… mostly from men who are losing theirs. Over time the treatment will fade and you can gracefully allow nature to appear to take her course.

Horses For Courses

horseheads The fact is there is no way to tell one from the other when it is first done. Which is the correct one for you will depend on why you want to get the treatment in the first place and what you are hoping to achieve for the longer term. Obviously, if you start with temporary and do end up going for the permanent version then you will have spent more money to get to that point. But for any number of sound reasons the temporary treatment might well be the appropriate one for you.

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By Ian Watson


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