Female hair lossIf you notice you are losing your hair, the natural response is to work out the reason and act accordingly. But what if you know the cause is medication that you have to take to control a serious – and potentially fatal – medical condition? This is what ITV Lorraine’s star chef, Sally Bee, has been facing since she had two massive heart attacks more than ten years ago. Sally has a rare heart condition called spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) for which she takes daily beta blockers and blood pressure drug Perindopril; she believes her alopecia is a side effect of these and, therefore, not something she can avoid.

The emotional toll of hair loss

Losing one’s hair can be distressing, particularly for women. Perhaps because other people don’t expect to see balding patches on a female head they look that little bit longer, and many women find their looks are so intertwined with their confidence. TV chef Sally Bee has, for many years, been wearing a range of wigs – and her unsuspecting fans have enjoyed watching a vivacious, attractive woman seemingly radiating health. For Sally the experience has certainly been upsetting but the wig has helped her project this persona. However, with her alopecia worsening and the verdict being that the loss of hair is likely to be permanent, Sally has decided to reveal that she is a wig wearer – in her words, ‘I kind of had two choices – do I hide it or do I embrace it? I had to embrace it.’

Raising the profile of wigs

Sally is now on a mission to encourage other women to ‘dig the wig’. After speaking candidly about her condition and the related alopecia, and showing off her range of wigs, she is setting out to demystify the world of wigs for all those millions of women who worry about their thinning hair and would like an accessible, confidence-boosting option.



By Ian Watson


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