Jacqueline Jossa sparks conversation and support after posting a picture of her hair loss. It Started With a Post. Actress Jacqueline Jossa is best known for her role as the alcoholic Lauren Banning on BBC’s EastEnders. Since joining the cast in 2010, Jossa wasted little time making an impression with her performances, racking up nominations and wins for honors such as “Best Soap Newcomer” and “Sexiest Female”. But recently she made a different type of impression as she took to Instagram, posting a picture of her hair line and temple area. Jossa, (22) a new, proud mother, began experiencing some hair loss after her bundle of joy arrived back in February of this year. Last week she posted a selfie with a caption that read: “For all the new baby mummy’s that might be losing some hair after birth, I’m right here with you, I think it’s starting to slowly grow back, so it’s all good guys!! Embrace it, and let’s enjoy being with our beautiful little cuties!!” To date, the post has received over 22,000 “likes” plus 300 comments from supporters from around the world. Beyond a star, she’s an inspiration. Much like American beauty pageant contestant Kayla Martell, Jossa is becoming an inspiration for women around the world suffering from postpartum hair loss. Her post has sparked conver-sation and given women going through the same thing a chance to know they’re not alone and give all others a little bit of encouragement. Jossa encourages women not to focus on the hair loss, but instead to focus on what really mat-ters: their ‘beautiful little cuties’. The baby arrives, but the hair leaves. Postpartum hair loss in women is not uncommon. Part of the difficulty, however, is in the dra-matic change that occurs with postpartum hair loss. Because a woman’s body is pumping full of hormones during her pregnancy, most women will experience some of the healthiest, most radi-ant hair they’ll ever have. But after the baby arrives and those hormones settle back to normal, the hair tends to go too. It’s important for women to remember that this is only temporary and the hair will regrow back. There are steps women can take to ensure they protect their hair: – Eat healthy and continue taking the appropriate supplements. – Avoid blowdryers/curling irons/flat irons, etc. and hold off on chemical-based treatments such as perms or hair dye sessions until the hair loss settles. – Lastly, be gentle with the hair. Avoid using tight rubber bands and scrunchies that put a lot of tension on the hair. Brush gently and shampoo sparingly. Talk it out. Jossa’s post has given the green light for women to share their experiences and embrace their temporary hair loss. If you’re a new mom and experiencing postpartum hair loss, they are plenty of online communities for support. Having someone who has been through or is going through the same thing can help tremendously as you navigate this time in your life. Can’t find a community that works for you? That’s okay, you can always follow Jossa on Instagram.



By Ian Watson


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