SMP hairline optionsA recent article in Vanity Fair took a light-hearted look at the hair loss market in Hollywood, including which star has the most requested hairline for those undergoing scalp micropigmentation. During a scalp micropigmentation procedure, your experienced and highly trained technician will recreate the appearance of a closely shaved, but full head of hair, with the aim of producing such a natural result it will fool even those who get up close. They achieve this by using specially designed instruments that have three differently sized needle heads, allowing them to ‘create’ slightly differently coloured and sized hair follicles, just like your natural hair pattern.

The preferred hairline

Vanity Fair found that the most requested hairlines among Hollywood stars were Vin Diesel and Jamie Foxx, both of whom rock a closely shaved look with a defined hair profile. At HisHair we see many clients that wish to just restore their previous hairline before it started to recede and so we always suggest you bring in photos of you before hair loss happened. A natural hairline will always provide the suitable frame to your features, but one of the many advantages of scalp micropigmentation is that it allows you the freedom to experiment with your hairline. In terms of your front and side profiles, your SMP technician can simulate whatever style you prefer, whether that be soft or sharply defined. Position is also totally up to you and it can be positioned further forward on the scalp or slightly back, which is commonly called a maturing hairline and might be more appropriate for older clients. Many of our younger clients wish to experiment with a sharp, defined hairline which we call a ‘freshly-barbered look’. High fashion, ‘razored’ side profiles can also be achieved. It’s even possible to leave an existing scar or add one for a truly natural look! To ensure you get the results you want, it is important you have a very clear idea of what you want to be able to communicate to your HisHair technician. Perusing our comprehensive HisHair gallery can be really helpful.



By Ian Watson


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