Our VIP Service

Over to you

HIS Hair Clinic offer a VIP service for clients who require a completely bespoke solution and a greater degree of privacy. Our VIP service is open to all, but is intended primarily for celebrities, business people and other high net worth individuals. This exclusive service allows you to call the shots. Within reason, you choose the location, you choose the dates and you choose your preferred practitioner.


Please submit your details using the form (right), or email vip@hishairclinic.com and we will contact you. Your consultation, treatment and aftercare, as well as all communication with us, will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Free USA Consultation

  • By pressing the submit button, you consent to HIS Hair Clinic / Bosley using automated technology to contact you at the numbers provided and you agree to both terms of service. Otherwise, call us at 1-855-447-4247 to request your FREE information kit or to schedule your FREE no-obligation consultation.