Vitamins offer many health benefits, with some better known than others. Over time, through channels such as word of mouth, news and advertising; vitamins (or sometimes the products they are found most commonly within) can become synonymous with the perceived benefits they deliver.   Fact or fiction?    carrots2 Some of the more widely known examples include vitamins such as calcium and vitamins E and D. Carrots are known to be good for eye sight, even though the scientific detail behind is it less clear for some…   Calcium for strong bones and teeth – this well-known link is in common parlance, and has been used by mums for generations to encourage youngsters to drink milk.   Carrots will help you see in the dark – arguably somewhat exaggerated, yet the benefits to eye sight gleaned from vitamin A (called retinol) in carrots is undisputed. The origins of the night vision ‘myth’ date back to war time propaganda.   Vitamin E is good for the skin and benefits the immune system. Famed for its restorative abilities for skin cells, the connection between vitamin E and firmer, healthier skin has been publicised widely in the cosmetic industry.   Vitamin D (the ‘sunshine’ vitamin) – recognised many years ago as factor helping combat rickets, vitamin D has received attention again in the media recently as it is believed that most Brits don’t received enough sunlight to get their required quota of vitamin D naturally, a deficit of which can indeed cause weakness to bones.   The next generation    b7   Is there room for another one? Hair experts would argue that there is. Vitamin B7, known also as vitamin H or ‘biotin’ has many positive benefits on the body, including increased metabolism, healthy skin and the ability to help alleviate health problems, but one unfortunate side effect of lack of B7 in the body is that this can result in hair loss. As reported in Live Science, read the original article by clicking here.   So transforming this into a positive, promoting the benefits of a diet enriched with biotin could have a very pleasant side effect on people’s hair-heath. With biotin scientifically linked to healthy scalp and hair growth, there is definitely scope for biotin to carve out a name for itself in world of hair and beauty.   Where is biotin found?   biotin   That’s the good news. Many delicious, everyday foods contain biotin. It is found in abundance in foods such as eggs, carrots, milk, berries and fruits, and nuts such as almonds and walnuts. As such it is very easy to weave into a balanced diet.   What other vitamins help boost healthy hair?   Other vitamins that are associated with maintaining a healthy head of hair include the following:   Vitamin A   peaches   This vitamin is a powerful antixodiant and one of its many benefits is in producing sebum, the oily substance found on the scalp that keeps hair from drying out. As an antioxidant it also fights against free radicals that cause damage to all tissues of the body including your hair. Sources of vitamin A include cod liver oil, spinach, peaches and carrots. Be aware though, too much vitamin A can lead to toxi overload that could even result in hair loss.   Vitamin E   nuts   Another antioxidant that will fight free radicals in the skin, vitamin E also boosts the circulation system, which pumps oxygenated blood around the body. This is necessary for the optimum performance of the body, including growing new hair. Vitamin E can be found in all beans, leafy greens and nuts.   Vitamin B5   grains   Also known as pantothenic acid, this vitamin is effective in the fight against the ageing process, slowing down both the loss of pigment that causes grey hairs and also age-related hair loss. Vitamin B5 also works to boost cell turnover which can help new hair regrowth on the scalp. It can be sourced from whole grains and eggs.   Inositol   beans   One of the less well-known vitamins it is grouped with the vitamin B group and supports the healthy function of the body including hair regrowth. As well as being naturally produced by the body it can also be found in beans, citrus fruits and whole grains.    



By IanW


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