We’ve talked a lot about the different hair loss problems that can be resolved with micropigmentation for the scalp, but what haven’t been covered are the different hairstyle options the procedure offers. Many people think of SMP as a one-size-fits-all procedure, but this is not the case. So, what are the options?   Hairline hairline3   If you look around you and pay close attention to the hairlines of passers-by, you will realise that the position, definition and pattern of everyone’s hairline is different. SMP allows you to choose the ideal hairline for you. Within the general options available are:  
  • A well-defined hairline, which provides a stronger look
  • A softer hairline, which can give a very natural-looking result
  • An exact replica of your original hairline, based on a photograph
  You can even opt for a slightly receding hairline, to look as natural as humanly possible, choose a completely straight hairline or opt for a widow’s peak for a more characterful look. It is important to take into account your previous hairline and other factors, such as your face shape and general style.   Bring photographs of yourself when younger and with a thick head of hair for your HisHair practitioner to assess. We also have an extensive gallery of before and after pictures which can be a useful guide. [https://www.hishairclinic.com/gallery/]   Side profile sideburns   Again, you can choose whether to go with a sharply defined side burns, a softer one to look more natural, or a rounded look, which will frame the face. When choosing between these styles it can be a good idea to take a few photographs of yourself and draw on the different hairlines, to see which you feel works best.   Scars scars2   While SMP is frequently used to cover scars, some clients prefer to leave existing scars visible, for a more natural look. Some people even choose to have a fake scar added into their new hairline, and all of this is possible using scalp micropigmentation.   Other considerations   It’s not just the design of your hair replication that you have to take into consideration. The hair colour and shade is also important. At HisHair we have developed our own specially designed pigments that can be tailored to your individual requirements. Density of the follicles also has to be taken into consideration – the practitioner will assess your remaining hair and match the SMP hair replication as closely as possible.   A 3D effect pop up book   One very new string to be added to the SMP bow is the ability to produce a 3D effect, by layering different pigment shades over the course of the treatments. Clients who have chosen this 3D simulation have found it to be highly effective in producing a totally realistic result.   If you are really finding it difficult to make up your mind, it is possible to undergo a temporary micropigmentation procedure. This allows you not only to appreciate the efficacy of the procedure before committing to the permanent version, but also to experiment with a hairline or style that you are not 100% convinced about. The vast majority of clients who choose the temporary procedure progress to permanent SMP treatment.   At HisHair we are also keenly aware that fashion and taste change. If you would prefer a different look in the future it is possible to reshape your hairline, the density and even the colour with our effective laser removal treatment.    



By IanW


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