There will of course be a handful who are all three of these things and plenty more who are two of the three. In fact it is enough to be any one of them to put yourself at increased risk of hair loss. The risk comes from Traction Alopecia. This all too common issue is the result of pulling on the hair by wearing hats, or for Sikhs their traditional turban (more on Sikhs coming up soon). So it affects a great many required to wear headgear for work, leisure, style, religious or cultural reasons. The other significant causes are pony tails, braids, cornrows or any other style of hair that sees the hair pulled into position. Some Important Traction Alopecia Facts Tug of war First the good news, Alopecia in most of its forms is not permanent. Traction Alopecia can be an example, by removing the cause the sufferer will often see a prompt return to their normal condition. If not then steroids or Minoxidil can be prescribed. Unfortunately Scarring Alopecia is commonly associated as a development of Traction Alopecia, this has a far more negative prognosis as it means the follicles themselves have become damaged – and there is no medicinal cure for that. What To Do First what to do The most important thing is to remove the cause the moment you suspect there might be a problem… This could be a problem for Sikhs, Policemen and Golfers, as well as all their hat wearing buddies who have, or feel they have, no choice in the wearing of them. If you have seen no improvement a few weeks after removing the cause, or you are in the group that can’t, then a trip to your Doctor is advised. If it established that your condition is permanent then a visit to your nearest HIS Hair Clinic could be your next best move. Is Scalp Micropigmentation the answer? yellow brick road It certainly could be. There is a huge variation in the condition of clients who have gone to HIS Hair with this condition. For some there is a small area where the hair has thinned out, but in an unusual area which severely compromises the self-confidence of the sufferer. For others it can mean multiple areas around the scalp where the hair loss is complete. Unlike sufferers from male pattern hair loss, for whom the experience is usually a gradual decline, Traction Alopecia will often have had a rapid onset. As hair loss sufferers ourselves I am sure we can all empathise with what that person must go through, particularly if they are women. Scalp Micropigmentation has something to offer in all cases whether to add density behind the hairline or create the appearance of a full head of hair, an experienced practitioner would discuss your choices in detail and give you a very clear prognosis as to your expected outcome. Golfing Sikh policemen are particularly welcome.



By Ian Watson


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