Many people refer to scalp micropigmentation as ‘hair tattooing’. In fact, when we first introduced the procedure back in 2002, even we at HisHair Clinic referred to it as MHT, or Medical Hair Tattooing. However, we realised it was important to change the name when it became apparent that many permanent make-up artists and tattooists were beginning to offer the procedure, with terrible results. Why not just get a tattoo? lady head tat This is a question we are frequently asked, by male and female hair loss sufferers. Tattoos are cheaper and more readily available than scalp micropigmentation, and surely it’s the same thing? No, it isn’t. On a technical level, the needles used for SMP are finer than for tattoos or permanent make-up and the pigment is injected at a shallower depth. However, it isn’t just a question of technicalities: scalp micropigmentation practitioners are highly trained in recreating the appearance of natural hair regrowth for both men and women. How can you make it look so natural? SMP practitioners know that everyone’s hair grows differently and that even within the space of one person’s scalp, not all hairs grow at the same rate or in the same direction. They are also aware that people may have several different colours of hair on their head, and they take all these things into account when performing the procedure. To achieve the most natural-looking result possible, the practitioner will vary the depth and angle of injection, to create the appearance of different lengths and directions of hair growth, and may use up to four different colours of pigment. Surely a really good tattoo artist could do the same? tattoo gun It is possible, of course, but a really good tattoo artist is just that: an artist. And with SMP you are not creating art, but an illusion. You are trying to recreate the appearance of a closely shaven head of hair, as realistically as possible. An artist may well be tempted to make the hair line look ‘perfect’, when in fact that is far from realistic. A bespoke machine is used by SMP technicians, featuring multiple short needles… unlike a tattooists machine which will have a single longer needle. Micropigmentation is a highly specialised procedure, and practitioners spend years studying their field. Why risk your hairline with someone who is just ‘having a go’ at this hair loss solution, just for the sake of saving a few pounds? At HIS Hair Clinic, we can help you to realistically recreate the appearance of a full head of hair, whether your problem is a receding hairline, female hair loss, male pattern baldness or even alopecia. Click here to read the history of His Hair Clinic and how they developed the SMP technique to help hair loss sufferers.



By Ian Watson


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