Kelly Osborne is the daughter of legendary rocker Ozzy, front man of the world’s first heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Like her Dad, Kelly is no stranger to controversy but her refusal to be treated for what appears to be a potentially serious thyroid issue must have her nearest and dearest deeply concerned. Kelly has of course made her own mark with a career which, by the ripe old age of 31, has already seen her perform as a singer songwriter, a TV presenter, actress and fashion designer.  Old enough and, you would have thought, smart enough to know better. The Problem With Thyroid     thyroid2     Regular visitors to this site will recognise thyroid problems as a potential trigger for hair loss, far more common in women than men – Hyperthyroidism is a condition that occurs when a person’s thyroid is overactive. In other words, the thyroid gland produces too much thyroxine. Hyperthyroidism, though not the only condition that can develop around the thyroid, does seem the most likely explanation for Kelly’s dramatic loss of weight… she recently told the press that she had inexplicably shed 28 pounds, certainly neither exercise nor diet was a factor. It seems her issue with the medication on offer is that it will cause her to gain weight, while this is supported by medical research there can be no doubt that this needs to be weighed against the staggeringly long list of potential problems associated with the untreated condition, some of them extremely serious: — High blood pressure, heart palpitations, high pulse rate, tachycardia — Osteoporosis — Irregular menstruation — Hair loss or coarse, dry, brittle hair — Frequent diarrhea — Loss of sex drive — Fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia — Anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks, panic disorder — Hand tremors — Thyroid eye disease, eye irritation — Weak muscles — Hoarseness in the voice — Depression More than enough to send most sensible people begging for the appropriate medication.  We can only hope that Kelly’s problem is being effectively managed away from the public glare. What To Look Out For   warning sign   If you are concerned about your own thyroid there are a wide range of associated symptoms to be on the lookout for. Fatigue or muscle weakness, dry skin , mood swings, nervousness or anxiety, rapid heartbeat, heart palpitations or irregular heartbeat, hand tremors, difficulty sleeping, weight loss, increased frequency of bowel movements, and irregular periods such as light periods or skipping periods.  If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms a visit to your Doctor is highly recommended. If you’re tests are positive and you are recommended medication… for goodness sake take it.



By Ian Watson


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