For many the January diet is as traditional as the December binge. While we would certainly encourage a nod in the direction of a healthier lifestyle we want to offer some important reasons to avoid a drastic crash diet as part of a plan… and top of our, admittedly biased, list is that it can be a cause of hair loss.


A Shock To The System

excess December is of course the month of excess. First it is the run of office parties, family gatherings, meeting up with old friends and too many good nights out in the run up to the holiday. Then there is the holiday itself, which for many will feature all of those events again in an incredibly compressed time-frame. The cherry on the cake is new years eve. At the point where most would cheerfully curl up in a ball and sleep for the two or three days left before they return to normal life, they head out for one of the great knees up parties in the calendar.

New Year In Numbers

numbers   Little wonder the tradition of new year resolutions caught on, indeed very nearly 50% of all Americans will make a resolution aimed at improving their quality of life… weight loss is consistently the number 1 at over 20% of those resolvers. Let’s just think about that for a moment. Based on around 320 million Americans that will mean well over 30 million going on a diet. Most of those 30 million will take a sensible approach in one form or another, it might mean simply cutting out dairy, or down on beer. But for some, and it is fair to say most are women, find themselves so freaked out by the added weight incurred by 4 or 5 weeks of overdoing things they take thing to the extreme. They see a crash diet as the only way to swiftly return to their previous conditions. While the fact that a crash diet will quickly reduce your weight might be empirically true, it is far from a sensible course of action. The sudden absence of essential nutrients from the diet forces the body to make decisions about which parts of your body receive what is available. Unfortunately your body places far less importance on your hair than you might like… in fact it is one of the very first to lose it’s supply. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that it can take several weeks for the problem to actually manifest as visible hair loss.

Don’t Worry, You Will Get Through It

we can do it   The good news is that a return to a more sensible diet will invariably see your hair recover in full. But bear in mind that damage to your hair is just one very visible piece of evidence that you are doing to your body… not all of it as simply repaired. Our advice for anyone looking to improve their health after new year would be to consider a healthy, but rounded, diet and include regular exercise in your daily regime. If you are concerned about your own hair loss and would like to do something about it, then a meeting with one of your experts will help you understand both your current situation and all the options available. Find your nearest clinic by clicking here    



By Ian Watson


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