hair loss treatmentsWhen talking about the various treatments for hair loss it’s easy to fall into the trap of viewing them as mutually exclusive stand alone solutions but actually there’s a case to be made for combining treatments to get the most effective results.

A planned combination can work best

Topical or oral medical compounds such as minoxidil or finasteride can be effective in stemming hair loss.  They don’t work for everyone but where the patient responds well to the treatment then they can even stimulate new growth.   In some cases a planned combination of this type of medication along with a hair transplant can prove to be a highly effective long term strategy for holding androgenic alopecia (otherwise known as male pattern baldness) at bay. The drugs can be used to encourage growth and protect donor hair in younger men, where the ultimate plan is to have a transplant.  Once the procedure has been carried out the medication could continue to be taken to bolster the migrated hair follicles and help to encourage growth.

SMP works well with other treatments

Another complementary treatment could be the increasingly popular scalp micropigmentation (SMP).  This procedure is carried out by trained operatives who specialise in creating a layered 3d “buzz cut” look by injecting microdots of organic ink into the scalp over two to three sessions.  Whilst the procedure is most commonly employed alone it can work extremely effectively in conjunction with a transplant or on thinning hair undergoing medication. The underlying illusion of hair adds volume to thinner areas and also reduces the contrast between a shiny pink scalp and the hair itself. The key thing to remember is that no two people’s hair loss story is identical and what’s appropriate to treat one person may not be for another.  This is why it’s important to seek out proper advice from a specialist hair loss clinic who’ll be well versed in all the available treatments and how best to combine them to get the best results for you.



By Ian Watson


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