World congress into hair research 2015If there was ever any doubt that the physical and emotional effects of hair loss need to be given due attention, the 9th World Congress for Hair Research, which took place in the US in November 2015, should reassure sufferers that the world is most definitely paying attention. The slogan of the event was “reflect, rejuvenate, REGENERATE”, and for three and a half days, that is exactly what exerts in the hair care world were doing. They put their heads together to present and review new research, share ideas and discuss hypotheses. With delegates from the world of hair biology, dermatologists, trichologists, hair transplant surgeons and those from the science and innovation arena, many aspects of the hair loss community were represented. This congress was expected to be the best attended yet

What topics were discussed?

Developments in clinical trials, advancements in hormone therapy, hair transplantation, hair cloning, new technologies, stem cells and many other areas were covered, offering an insight into the depth and scope of hair loss research that is being conducted around the world. Interestingly, more ‘traditional’ hair loss issues were not the only subjects on the agenda, with one speaker covering the issue of hair loss from the eyelids. That’s right; eyelash transplants are the focus of featured speaker Dr Alan Bauman’s presentation.

Eyelash transplantation therapy

Dr Bauman has been undertaking eyelash transplants since the late 1990s, and although the procedure may not be that widely known, it is critically important to those who are experiencing life without full (or any) eyelashes. As with many hair loss conditions, eye lashes are an important facial component that feeds into peoples’ self-esteem and overall feelings of well-being. The loss of these tiny hairs can be psychologically damaging, hence why there has been a steady stream of patients ready to put their faith in the work of surgeons just like Dr Bauman. Many have reflected on the makeup of the event’s chairs, three of whom were female. Observers suggest that this reflects the deepening understanding that hair loss is not just the plight of men, and that many of the different types of hair loss can affect both sexes equally. Hot on the heels of this year’s successful and well-attended event, planning is already underway for the 10th Congress, planned to take place in Japan late next year. Keep an eye out for topics, speakers and the nature of the research being discussed. Hair loss is now very much in the public eye, and the scientific community is working hard to understand the causes, treatments, and eventually cures for each of the types of hair loss we are facing.



By Ian Watson


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