When your looks are your livelihood, thinning hair could be a disaster, so it is no surprise that model Giorgos Tsetis turned to hair loss drugs in order to keep his career on track. However, now Tsetsis – who is now co-founder of the company responsible for the hair loss treatment Nutrafol – claims that the drug prescribed by his doctor caused him to suffer from erectile dysfunction and a low libido.Nutrafol hair loss treatments

You win some, you lose some

While the medication Tsetis was taking – Propecia, a treatment approved by the American Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of male pattern baldness – did have a significant positive impact on his hair growth, it apparently had a very negative effect on his relationship. hair loss medication Giorgos TsetisHaving begun to take Propecia at the tender age of 21, when he noticed clumps of hair beginning to fall out, the model believes that after six years of taking the drug, his interest in sex was so low that his girlfriend was on the verge of leaving him, which is when he decided to stop taking the drug.

Are there any other options?

Although it may seem bizarre that Tsetis continued to take Propecia, despite the perceived effect on his sex life, in his line of work it was vital that he look after his appearance above all else, and male pattern baldness – whilst very common – is not a physical attribute many modelling scouts are on the lookout for. While the model firmly believed that his career would take a downward turn were his hair loss to become apparent, medication might not have been his only option. Hair transplant surgery might not have been appropriate for a model, due to the potential for scarring in the donor area, but more innovative hair loss treatments like SMP might have allowed him to save face without the risk to his sex life.

What is SMP?

Scalp micro-pigmentation, or SMP, is a hair loss treatment that creates the illusion of a closely shaven full head of hair. Usually, the client is asked to shave their head prior to treatment and the SMP practitioner uses a special injection pen to fill in any thinning areas with pigment that accurately replicates the appearance of a hair follicle, leaving the overall effect of a shaven head. SMP can also be used to disguise areas of thinning hair for those who don’t wish to shave their head just yet, although experts recommend a full head shave for a more authentic look.



By Ian Watson


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