DavidPlattOver the past decade, there’s been a substantial number of sportsmen opting to undergo hair transplants. Wayne Rooney likely didn’t realise he would set the hair restoration trend when he hit the headlines for his famous transplant. Most recently, Aston Villa’s legend, David Platt, has become the latest sportsman to undergo this popular procedure.

Innovative robotic hair transplant helped transform Platt’s barnet

Platt’s hair transplant was performed using innovative robotic software. Known as the ARTAS system, the software harvested the hair from the back of the scalp and transplanted them onto the front. Around 2,500 grafts were performed to complete the transformation. Platt wanted the procedure in order to look better for the TV work he now does. He’s since opened up about the transplant stating he has suffered with male pattern baldness for years. It was after seeing the impressive results of hair transplants other public figures had experienced that convinced him to give it a go. He is just one of many sportsmen who have now undergone hair restoration procedures. Hair transplant surgeons across the UK have seen a significant rise in the number of males turning to the treatment due to the results they’ve seen from high-profile figures. So is a hair transplant the best option?

Are hair transplants the way to go?

Hair transplants have certainly proven to be successful. However, they are extremely expensive. They also have the potential to fail, meaning you could end up spending a fortune and experience little to no results. Other treatments, while not as permanent, are often a better option. SMP is a particularly good alternative. It produces more of a shaved look and it’s guaranteed to work every time. Alternatively, there are topical treatments such as Minoxidil which are also very effective. Overall it’s a good idea to seek advice from a doctor before choosing a hair restoration treatment.



By Ian Watson


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