About a year ago we treated a young man who was by far one of the nicest guys we have met ! Raised in the wonderful state of North Carolina his southern charm was undeniable and unfortunately so was his hair loss. Although it wasn’t affecting his day-to-day life, it was taking a toll on his relationship. He had been dating a young woman for about a year and a half but still hid behind bad hair product that concealed his balding. pic1 When he found HIS HAIR CLINIC, he told us, “it felt like heaven sent”. But he fought with the idea of explaining it to his girlfriend. So he didn’t. Instead, he flew to Miami and had a consultation, instantly wanted treatment and in a matter of 2 weeks was booked in for Scalp MicroPigmentation. During his sessions he admitted to wanting the treatment for his girlfriend. He knew by making himself feel more confident he would be able to have a better relationship. On his last session, we had the great privilege of meeting the lovely lady that had stolen his heart. He told her everything and she was extremely encouraging and supportive about the process. They spent the weekend in Miami and came back to the clinic once more before heading back to North Carolina. Since the office is closed on Sundays, we weren’t able to see him before he left. But he did leave his note for us…. pic2 This Post is dedicated to our favorite Newly Weds! May you have a beautiful and long lasting marriage …just like your treatment =)



By anthony@hishairclinic.com


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